He and she.

Love is unpredictable in the lives of two people. This feeling has no name or age. They live in the city and make plans for the future. Each of them lived separately from each other. But in one day the worlds of men and women collide into a new universe of relationships that may be like ours. Time flies forward. It cannot be turned back.


Perception of the world around a person who has received an eye injury. And he sees fully with only one eye. I felt this in my own example, having injured my left eye in football. And my vision was like cataract disease in the elderly. In the photographs, my world with inferior vision and the fear of completely losing it. And you understand that seeing your family: mother, sister is a value that has been rethought and has become more valuable than any entertainment, a city full of traffic or something like that ...


During the pandemic, most were locked in their apartments. Remained heavy feelings from previous relationships. And all this mixed up in the awareness of the whole situation and my path in life. Reassessment and understanding of views on certain things.

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