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Rinat Shahmetov is currently in New York city, United States. He was born in october 6 1989 in Moscow, Russia (former USSR), into a family of Muslim religion and Tatar nationality. From 1995 to 2006 he studied and graduated from the Moscow Lyadov Music School No. 15, piano class. Musical literature at Rinatu's school was taught by Glier Yuri Leonidovich, the grandson of the composer Reingold Moritsevich Glier (1875—1956). From 2003 to 2015, he played tennis at the stadiums CSKA and October (picturesque street).

“I create images that make you feel something. Images that make you feel nostalgic and bring you back to that place. Images that tell a unique story in a creative and honest way. No fluff, nothing invented, just real. I consider myself free from stereotypes and try to show something different and possibly incomprehensible the first time. In my works, real stories and my thoughts and vision are mixed. I create photographs with full respect for aesthetics, focusing on the balance of a significant event and beauty."

In his free time from photography, he spends with his family (mother and sister family) in the country or works on new projects. He is fond of big tennis, soccer, playing the piano, interior design, outdoor recreation, communicating with close relatives, whom he loves very much.

Completed in 2020 photo project "He and She". All photos were taken in the same year - 2019. One photo from the photo project "# 5 a couple is lying on the escalator" took first place in the international competition Russian Photo Awards with the support of the Committee of Culture of St. Petersburg.

Since 2022 I have been a member of the creative union of Russian artists link union

🎉 In April 2022, the photo "obedience to love" was published in vogue.com (profile gallery).

🏆 2020 RPA First place in the "Love story" nomination of the international competition Russian Photo Awards. link to news - winners RPA2020

🏆 2022 WPE awards Third place in the "Create widding" nomination of the international competition WPE Awards. link to news - winners WPE 2022

🏆 2023 BBA ONE SHOT AWARD - 50 Longlisted. link to news - winners BBA 2023

🏆 2023 INTERNATIONAL PHOTO AWARDS USA Shortlisted, categories professional: People , Children. link to news - winners IPA 2023, photo.

Links to publications

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