With a degree in music education, a piano department, a qualification in computer science and a successful career in software, Rinat is not your average commercial photographer.

An artist and musician at heart, Rinat has been photographing for most of his life, complemented and supported by his technical ability and structured, process-oriented approach.

Based in cities around the world and passionate about new experiences, cultures and perspectives, Rinat creates photographs that tell a unique story. By researching and filming places and people in many countries, he has created a portfolio of images and memories that is inspiring in content and scope.

Rinat strives to create images that connect the viewer and evoke feelings; ask questions, evoke emotions, inspire a story.

My life is driven by passion and desire for the things I have to create. I create when I feel something, whether it is joy or sadness. If I don't create, I feel like I'm dying; become an ethereal version of myself, no longer touching or influencing the world around me. Through the act of creation, I find meaning and hope to influence and inspire a spark, a passion in others. To change the world, one perfect moment at a time.

Rinat Shahmetov photography artist
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